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So try to find somewhere quiet and think deeply about the direction your life is heading. For now, just think. And you have.

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Anything that broadens your horizons is excellent. It will encourage loved ones to open up too. With the Sun focusing on methods and routines, if you want to make a success of your ideas you will have to knuckle down and apply them one by one and step by step. But a tricky Mercury-Pluto link warns you not to take financial or business issues too seriously or you could make enemies if you insist everything is done to your timetable and specifications. When under stress you perform better. A positive attitude can see you turning any financial issue to your advantage. This should see you at your most proactive yet.

You also consider taking on a health challenge. Love: Pluto forces you to look at any ongoing problems in your love life and if someone is making you more unhappy, than they are happy, this will be the year you wave them goodbye. And yes, that does mean doing your research yourself! Trust me, it will pay tenfold to do so.

Eat better this year to see energy levels at full throttle. Love: January and February are very much about mixed up communications, so try to believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.

Try to remember to save for when you know there will be a dry spell. So you now know that by getting rid of what was dragging you down. The dismissal of a financial responsibility helps with any sleep issues.

Your daily horoscope: October 9

Love: Try to treat those you love a little more fairly, as I know that you have only been pushing a certain someone away because you want to draw them closer. Talks you have in March and May help you create a more secure base. Money: Try not to borrow money you know you may not be able to pay back on time.

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Others may be relying on your promises more than you first thought. Investments in August turn a temporary situation into a permanent one. Health: You seem to have a much better mental health as you enter the new year and you will no longer be so plagued by self doubt.


Mercury is on hand to help and not hinder your progress. February sees you enter your most constructive phase yet! Love: Why are you playing games in love, when others have only offered total honesty? Money: A financial dispute leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, but with the negotiating skills your sign possesses, there is nothing you cannot turn around to your advantage.

Health: You start to take control of your health and admit you no longer like the vicious cycle you were caught in for much of The new regime sees you better able to balance work and play than you have for several years. Love: You know now how you want your personal life to develop. You have this, Scorpio. Money: This is the year that you can finally build up your credit.

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No longer willing to tolerate any debts, you will go out of your way to ensure you have the base to build your future on. Love: The past and present work well together at last.

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You start to mix the groups of friends together you went out of your way to separate last year. Jupiter ensures you get the honesty in love which was previously not possible.

Money: New ways to make money enter your mind from February onwards and many of your sign may take on tasks which move their career up a level. Work towards getting paid what you know you are worth.

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