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Predictions on apaharas will be provided for 25 years; so also for the paryanthardasas within each apaharas.

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Predictions on near future by comparing the present positions of planets with that in the birth chart. Calculations including the sayana and nirayana longitude of the planets, the rasi, the longitude in the rasi, the star, star lord, sub lord, sub-sub lord etc.

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Planetary disposition, planetary friendship, planetary strengths, moudhyam, planetary war, grahavastha etc. Transit of Jupiter through various houses, starting and ending timings and their effects on life.

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Good after-sales support. Actually you need to know Longitude, Latitude and Timezone of your Birth City, we have simplified this process and automated entering Longitude, Latitude and Timezone of your Birth City.

Once you click to Generate, you will get the planetary positions with degree and minutes and its residing Zodiac and its houses. Ayanamsa and Ascendant zodiac with degree and minutes also presented.

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  4. About Nirayana Planetary Positions 1. Displayed positions are Nirayana according to Vedic Astrology 4.

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    Lahiri Ayanamsa used 5. House numbers are calculated from the ascendant position considered as 1. Planetray Positions and Charts.